Velvet Smooth


   $19 – 15ml      or     $61 – 100ml

Our new body cream designed to smooth away keratin plugs and roughness, leaving your skin soft supple and hydrated.

Contains natural Strawberry Eucalyptus from Australia that has a sweet strawberry scent.


From the pink salt lakes of Spain comes a unique micro-organism harnessing the ability to survive in high salt environments. Velvet Smooth utilizes a natural osmosis system to optimize skin hydration, providing immediate and long-lasting results, protecting the skin from the environment.

Regulating key factors in the skin that enhance barrier function. Velvet smooth increases the skins own ceramide production in the skin by a massive 1100%!!! Making it the most effective body cream for keratosis pilaris, dehydrated acne skins and eczema.

Rich in carotenoids, a natural source of vitamin A, regulates keratin within the hair follicles resulting in a silky, smooth skin texture: Velvet Smooth!